Liberian Nurses Association-DFW Mission Trip Dec. 11-21, 2021

To serve the needs of the people of Gbeivonwea clinic in Nimba County. Our trip will include training, education, screening, building renovation, lighting of the clinic, and giving OTC drugs and assorted medical supplies and equipment. We will coordinate the mission activities with the OIC and the leadership of Gbeivonwea clinic.

We will supervise and support the staff in their daily workload. We will have a staff appreciation and empowering day. The team will fly into and stay in Monrovia for a few days and transition to Nimba for 3 days. We will be engaged in small projects such as building renovations (fixing windows and floors) at the clinic, staff training on neonatal resuscitation, customer service, safety, screening on diabetes and hypertension management.

18 years and above eligible to go, active licensed nurses needed. Team members are responsible for their own airfare to and from Liberia as well as travel visa. All lodging, meals, in country transportation, traveler’s medical insurance, and a shared cost of medical supplies are included in the $1,200 mission fee. Team members are encouraged to lobbyfor financial sponsorship.

Other Location Info:

The team arrive in Liberia on Dec. 11, 2021. The team will stay in Monrovia and Nimba. 90% of our work will be at Gbeivonwea clinic in Nimba County. We will also do a follow-up visit and staff appreciation at Pipeline clinic in Monrovia.

Training and debriefing of the team:

In addition to on the ground orientation and training on site, pre-field training consists of a detailed mission manual, a pre-trip devotional, and constant communication with our team leader. Post-trip debriefing will take place near the end of the trip and will be followed up by a trip evaluation.

Can’t go with us this time? Consider donating to meet the following needs:

1. $50 – Support a midwife by providing resuscitation training and equipment (11 needed).

2. $275 – Sponsor a suitcase filled with equipment and supplies (2 needed).

3. $400 – Provide a new computer for Gbeivonwea Clinic

4. $900 – Support the purchase generator that will provide light for nighttime births and nursing care

5. $4400 – Help with travel costs for Carolyn Woahloe and Dr. Kristen Priddy.

Your support at any level matters. Make your donation by clicking here.

Put the purpose of your donation in the notes box. LNA-DFW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible in the U.S.

LNA-DFW is a team of professional nurses based in the U.S. We are a nonprofit, non-governmental organization supporting Liberian healthcare staff and facilities with free medical supplies, equipment, education, training, and aid.

Our motto

“Bringing change to the healthcare system in Liberia one person, one clinic, one community at a time.”

What we do

1. Health: Promote health awareness and encourage quality healthcare delivery. Give Free OTC drugs to healthcare facilities in need. Provide healthcare training, screening and patient education on disease management and good healthcare habits.

2. Staff education:

Provide education on healthcare delivery, building patient-staff relationships, customer service, infection control, basic CPR, diabetes, hypertension management, prenatal care, OTC medications safety, patient abuse and neglect and environmental cleaniness and safety..

3. Support:

Provide free medical supplies and equipment to healthcare facilities, building renovations, staff appreciation and empowerment programs, staff health education updates and training for Liberian and West African health care workers across the health care continuum. Work or partner with other organizations to carry out the mission and vision of LNA-DFW.

Our long-term goal/vision:

-Is to influence the legislative body of government in creating healthcare policies, laws, and regulations that will promote quality healthcare delivery in Liberia.
-To have a positive influence on the government in making sure that healthcare facilities will be up to standard and make healthcare free or affordable to all Liberians.
To create an atmosphere where citizens will take pride in the field of nursing and nurses will be respected as professionals.
-To have the support of the government to enforce laws and regulations that will give both patients and healthcare professionals rights in receiving and providing care.
-To provide mentorship program that will encourage and support Liberians who desire to become healthcare workers.
-To have an ongoing health maintenance education to Liberians for a positive outcome in patient care delivery.

Region – Western Africa

Country – Liberia