Leadership Team

Carolyn Woahloe

Carolyn Woahloe, BSN, RN

Carolyn is passionate about healthcare reforms and quality healthcare for all in Liberia, and humanitarian works around the world

Gwendolyn Woods, MSN, RN

Vice President
Gwen will not stop until there is quality healthcare for all in Liberia

Felicia Swen, LVN

An intercessor, mother and grandmother, who is passionate about improving healthcare in Liberia especially emergency cardia care, and CPR Training

Margret DaeSorie Jackson, BSN, RN

Public Relations Officer
Progressive Care Kidney Transplant Registered Nurse at one of America's finest Healthcare providers Medical City Fort Worth/HCA. A Magnet Hospital meeting the healthcare needs of all people. Caring for others is embedded in me deeply.

Eva B. Diama, BSN, RN

Financial Secretary
Healthcare for every citizen is a right not a privilege and Liberian are no different. Making a difference in the healthcare system in country will take a collective effort, and we can do it one county, one clinic and one hospital at a time. It will take work but we need to focus on the bigger picture that is bigger than ourselves.

Tokpah Miller, MSN, RN

Communications & PR

Mardia Woods Russ, LVN

General Secretary