About Us


The Liberian Nurses Association, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization.


The Liberian Nurses Association of Dallas, Fort Worth (LNA-DFW), established in 2014, is a non-profit, professional organization of Liberian Nurses in Texas working to improve the health and quality of lives of Liberians living in Liberia.


Join us as all Liberian Nurses come together as a unifying force in implementing strategies that will help positively impact Liberia healthcare systems, policies and the nursing profession in Liberia. Together, we can make a difference, by bringing a change in one community, one hospital/clinic and one person at a time (3’ones).


One of the core mission of LNA-DFW is to create opportunity for collaboration, partnership in the health-care community both locally and internationally to improve the nursing profession and quality of healthcare delivery for Liberians in Liberia.


The Liberian Nurses Association in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas is a non-profit, professional organization of Liberian Nurses in Texas working together to promote quality healthcare system, improve the health and quality of lives and advocate for professional practice and quality health care delivery for all Liberians in Liberian.


To help improve quality healthcare, educate, support and promote the well-being and safe working environment for both patients and nursing staff in Liberia.


  • To improve the health and quality of lives of Liberians
  • To unite Liberian Nurses in all parts of the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area.
  • To advocate for policies that impact the health and well-being of Liberians in Liberian.
  • To collaborate, partner with other nursing and related organizations to improve the standard of nursing education, care and practices in Liberia.
  • To collaborate with other non-nursing and civil society organizations to improve nursing care and health in general.
  • To disseminate research findings and policies that relate to the Liberian individual health care needs in the rural and suburb area in the direction of improving the quality of health care in our Liberian communities.


Support the visionary and vision of LNA-DFW, Empowerment, Integrity, Excellence, Honesty, Compassion, Respect, Commitment, Love, and Dedication to give to a worthy cause.


  • Basic healthcare education/awareness to our local community and Liberia.
  • Provision of medical supplies to needy facilities in Liberia.
  • Mentorship to aspiring nurses in our community
  • Minimal renovation to healthcare facility in Liberia as needed
  • Partner with individual people or organizations to carryout LNA vision


Started on May, 17, 2014, LNA-DFW was birth by group of hardworking Liberian nurses in the DFW area. With the mindset and desire to give back to their community.However, in the week of starting this noble and young organization in 2014, an epidemic (Ebola) arose; which impacted the Liberian Community inLiberia and Dallas, Fort Worth.This epidemic led to the death of thousands of Liberians in Liberia due to the failed healthcare systems and medical resources in Liberia. To respond to this calamity, LNA-DFW President called on all Liberian nurses in the DFW area to come together to work with the Liberian Community Association (LCA-DFW), and our community churches to educate our people and speak up against the stigma of being a carrier of the Ebola virus because one is a Liberian decent or from Africa.


With this collaboration, there was an enormous participation from everyone and agreed for a need for prayers and collective collected medical supplies that was shipped to Liberia (ELWA hospital). This epidemic open the door for Liberian nurses with various expertise in healthcare to see the need and crisis that engulf our people when it comes to quality healthcare delivery. This gave a new direction to the work many Liberian nurses were already doing in the community and places of work, realizing that volunteering and giving of their time and money to LNA is a catalyst for the enhancement of quality healthcare system in Liberia. While maintaining our involvement inthe community and various places of work, we expanded our focus on empowering, educating and create awareness on common preventative healthcare measures in our Community and Liberia.


One of LNA mandates is to work together to implement strategies that will help Influence healthcare policy in Liberia. To accomplish this mandate, LNA will form a committee on “Health is Wealth Mission to Liberia. This committee will coordinate with other Liberian Nursing Organizations in the United States for on‐going health and education missions to Liberia. Nevertheless, we will transform the missions from just medical mission to a platform for improving safe, clean working environment and promoting quality health care delivery in Liberia. LNA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Health (MoH) to work with Redemption Hospital and Pipeline Health Center, in Monrovia, Liberia.


Moreover, LNA believes in building individuals, staffs, and communities (our motto: bringing change to one person, one hospital and one community at a time).

In the five years of our existence, our membership has increased from 7 members to 45 members and counting.

However, we need to continue to build on this success to promote our individual strengths and health outcomes in Liberia. We encourage everyone to support us in the quest to achieve high quality health Care for All Liberians living in Liberia and even in our very own communities. Thank you all, for the continue support of LNA and its visions. If you have any questions and or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.